Kanpol public limited company (AS Kanpol) was founded in Pärnu on 22 October 1992 with share capital in the amount of 42 252 €. In the years 1993-1997, the main activity of Kanpol was wholesale trade in Western Estonia. In 1997, the warehouse located in Pärnu at 58 Suur-Jõe was rebuilt into a Cash & Carry –type shop-warehouse. After that, the company’s wholesale activities have gradually started to move towards retail trade.In 1994, the company started dealing with the import of chilled goods into the Estonian market. At present, we are importing the goods of Latvian, Lithuanian, and Polish companies. Kanpol Kinnisvara private limited company (OÜ Kanpol Kinnisvara) was established on 19 January 2000. Thus far, Kanpol Kinnisvara has changed from the manager of retail trading premises into the developer of various real estate projects.